small revalations like light rain

fall upon me to open

my inner sky

your presence dances around

and provides music

for my soul

how can I embrace

you even more fully

simple times and relaxed ways

fill our already numbering days

all aglow with combined light

I receive all of my gifts

my favorite things

surround me now

as I hold the space

ever more you unwind

your own dreams

like colorful silk

as we sit in vicinity

and catch glances

chimes fill the background

tell of fall’s wind

these drops that sent us inside

are a hint of purity

for here in the warmth of home

we both can reside

as we strive out towards

from inside

as within

as all things in time

prove exactly what they are

and I am yours 


The Reason for These Days

do you yet see the reason for these days?
for the gifts for this space
do you need further proof that something
great is happening just because you breathe

we could make a choice to not let it in
to take up the fight against nothing
watch the breath drain away
the blood from boil to bay
as it settles and hardens in our veins

or we could gather the strength
to rise in the day look up dance around
listen to the very sound
that calls us into its sway
receive the knowings and the answers
ask the questions of curiosities

and stay for a little while because
when you smile it becomes
the reason for my day

More Than We Know

trailing are the curious
who step into a room
of walls and limits

while we walk outside
the lines made of stone
and of delicate grasses

under the cloudy sun
we look upon grace
and feel it in our bones

those that choose
this other path
we can never understand

but I can gently touch you
as you grab hold my hand
and comprehend my heart

we talk and we share
more than we knew
we had the capacity for

and we are sometimes still
and often grounded
as we move through our days

no final resting place
is complete
without us

This Cold I Know

I just don’t know but I will follow this cold
I will move into even if I don’t know whereto
With the wind I will blow by again
And wonder of wonders if this
is the end of an era
or a beginning of truth
So bundle up with furry friends
and blankets comforting
Whispers and lullabies
be the communicating
Embrace the lowering temps
for we know the tempest
resides deep inside
where the firelight
is kept aglow
Even if frost and snow
are the outward reflection
of coverings
of things unknown
and underneath grown
If slowly hereto I go
Into this cold I know

Partial Solar Eclipse

sitting not still at my desk
feeling not well the weight of eclipse
shadow through a tiny pinhole
brightness far too sharp
for the strength of a good eye

stop! don’t stare at the fiery sun
even with its partial veil
in years older macular degeneration
these precious ovals instead play
in the shadows and the light

while the moon cleans the slate of a northern hemisphere sun
and all of the past few months in mind that I needed undone
sister moon I longed for clarity through open arms of that one
rays half-blinded to its own light in the afternoon sky

paper and pinhole look again
are the shadows getting deeper
I see your coverage
I stepped outside

and when I returned darker than I was before
yet only temporarily in this temporal reality
light blocked from life was only a paradox
like the inner world in which
I had been living

when center of the solar system is full again
closer to the horizon
day will eventually end
and I will have stepped out
and into my new star

glowing forth another phase
weightless eclipse has lifted
I am feeling well
I can sit still

Mediterranean Eyes

Mediterranean eyes
Kissed by the sea
Light skin craves color
Color needs the light
The sun provides
As the moon she rides
Nothing can divide
These 2 share the sky

Standing on separate land
Hand brushes hand
As if we were here
Together near sea
Latin skin soaks
Sun through darker eyes
Moon rides darker skies
These 2 share the light

We will find color again
Before the end
Waits for no one time
Is its own sky
Both sun and moon ours
Hours may light our way
These 2 share the ride

Last Grasp

last grasp light whisps of gossamer strands
begin to fade in the remembered moonlight
closer to the dream that it felt like when it was
like water moving under the glass floor of the boat

tide rushes in to return us to the life we thought
we were living only to soon realize we were not
as waves crashed all around us and into the wall
surrounding the house of dreams where all gathered

hundreds of pairs of eyes are watching as we wait
and negotiate anything resembling possibility
whereas I see clearly the stepping away I need to do
you have already all but disappeared

desperate I’d give something for nothing has passed
and I am slowly if painfully waking up
stepping into the shimmering new ether
when I can nakedly stand as mine own entity

moving outward as the tide blue with its sun
stained waters no longer restrained by the
pull of the earth towards the sand I stand
alone and in the center of this vast universe

unwinding the beautiful story of soul and turn
away from the sharp edges and under light
the darkness in me can shine again unhindered
until time opens the door for us to meet again