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Where has this sensual being been
when the time has come
to play the cards
She walks the streets
of the big city
And she sees herself
her own vulnerability
in everyone she meets
She waits for her friend
while she sees
many handsome faces
all meeting
other, similar, handsome faces
patience aflame
I think I can be patient
but I cannot be tame!
Soaking in the sights
the sounds
the sheer
for devotion of itself
do we see where we’re going?


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Won’t be Long

Waiting but the wait
won’t be long
won’t be wrong
and hopefully will be something
seen as strong
Elevating responsibility
carrying the world upon shoulders
meant for grounding wings
take to the skies
before they can turn truth into lies
Is it possible for beginners
Even after so many endings
absent and empty
one with flow
and into dry water
soaking sun
the name has been called
isn’t it interesting
when we finally take a break
moment washes in
and it is so familiar
as if we haven’t even
moved or aged

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Day passes
As ocean swallows sun
New world begun
As darkness falls
Still the colors linger
Long past their
Brightened wave
From the East there rises
But not yet afar
I saw it melt West
The fire into water
All of the lines across
The smoky sea
As if land kissed sky
And emptied itself
Into ocean
All for a new day

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Straight from one fantasy to the next; maybe instead of fantasy rather possibility. I’m looking for the next great possibility yet measuring the probability as I go. Things are not as they seem, in fact they seem so strange it will be better this way. The path becomes clearer, and I become less attached to finding something. I’m more inclined to enjoy what is before me here in the present. And I look forward expectantly to the future which I have a great hand in creating. I’m learning what it takes to move forward in a more thoughtful fashion.

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Larger Context

To be busy to be in love
I can do all things
with and without
Until the next becomes clear
Fleeing intentions don’t matter
I believe in this larger
context of intention
becoming clearer
with time
Not within any bounds
or expectation
Rather with expectancy
and invitation

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I died.
When he took me.
He knew.
And is keeping me at bay.
I know my nature.
I will not let go.
Unless I am forced to.
Though I am open to whatever comes,
I am ultimately in his sway.
That’s a lot of power for someone unexpected.
He, nor I, expected.
Please stay far from me expectation.
For I do not want you in my life.
I’ve opened heart and opened home.
The dance isn’t before me at the moment.
So I wait with anticipation.
And full knowledge of chemistry.
Will he be there
At the end of the line
For me
And do I have the capacity
For full immersion and
Conscious connection
To a growing and learning
Spiritual being?
I am ready.
Never been this ready.
I can hold the world.
Compete with Atlas.
Understand Orian.
And drink of the Milky Way.
I am even open
To the black hole
And the dark matter
That took him away.

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Change in Season

And now, something new, something rich and faceless

That intangible thing that happens when you walk out the door

No longer here, but moving into a world of movement

I am left with my right thoughts and driven to snow

The promise of which folds me into pieces

Temperature drops and I dream of you

That slightly disintegrated picture in my mind

Since I stepped out on a  separate path

For the day, for the week, or for a life

One could know but one wants the snow

To fall and take our breath away with the wind

Patch me up again after all my parts have blown away

Here I stay and here I play into heart all the art

I can get my hands on will fill me with color

That exists only on the inside as I peer

Through the looking glass that is the outside

Looking forward to frost and wandering front

As the change in season confronts my own

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