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Peaceful cabin in the woods
moon recently full rises
above the horizon trees
light dusting of snow on ground
orderly and light inside
nature’s guide
and animals are wild
out the windows
artists reside here
beauty and attention
comfort is without airs
only an invitation for sharing
and spending time
time for relaxing and drinking
homemade wine
meat and cheese fruit and
stiffer drinks
all keeping the cold at bay
warm in the confines
of family and time
with riddles and jokes
puzzles and good stories


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dark day today
longest day half a year ago
red sky morning
from under a shroud
hour on awareness
expanded profound
understanding as
hours pass
that some things need
no voice
only opening eyes
and ears
are able to catch
subtle meaning
behind this story
of short and sweet
is a lingering sadness
as other things keep
togetherness even
in the light of
waning shortest day

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Where has this sensual being been
when the time has come
to play the cards
She walks the streets
of the big city
And she sees herself
her own vulnerability
in everyone she meets
She waits for her friend
while she sees
many handsome faces
all meeting
other, similar, handsome faces
patience aflame
I think I can be patient
but I cannot be tame!
Soaking in the sights
the sounds
the sheer
for devotion of itself
do we see where we’re going?

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is the year
another almost out
as if there were
nothing to fear

Here in the middle of
a place I never knew
with someone I’d never
felt until this year

That is waning
coming to a close
as we open into
the folds of blankets
where we rest our toes

From the cold just outside
the front doors
and the back
out the windows

Where the squirrels
and birds feed gladly
nothing ends sadly
when time is the present

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