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Jewels of light
shine on the water
bounce off the waves

Sphere of fire
elevates by sky
arcs over sea

Crash of shore
ocean merges land
constant breaking sound

to be buoyant
may be the goal in this life

to be jubilant
be it a by-product

floating effortlessly in a
body filled with salt

as the tides move
this way and that

healing energy infiltrate
and take away the pain

allow the inner suns to be
bright even with the rain


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Color Fall

wind blows

leaves dance

color fall

cool air

fire light

dare know all

in this hum

all things reside

in the quiet

all is right

whether it be

dusk or moonlight

sit with me

here in the night

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here is a picture: just up ahead

through many dimensions

clouds resting on the mountain

trees in green gold and red

the first closest to me

I can reach out or walk

all near

its sounds I hear

the next farther out

but still accessible

I can drive or climb

to get to touch

the final up so high

and through so much

covered by mist and rain

cold to bear

yet still

experience can be had

of the outer world

it’s the inner dimension

that fascinates me

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