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sitting not still at my desk
feeling not well the weight of eclipse
shadow through a tiny pinhole
brightness far too sharp
for the strength of a good eye

stop! don’t stare at the fiery sun
even with its partial veil
in years older macular degeneration
these precious ovals instead play
in the shadows and the light

while the moon cleans the slate of a northern hemisphere sun
and all of the past few months in mind that I needed undone
sister moon I longed for clarity through open arms of that one
rays half-blinded to its own light in the afternoon sky

paper and pinhole look again
are the shadows getting deeper
I see your coverage
I stepped outside

and when I returned darker than I was before
yet only temporarily in this temporal reality
light blocked from life was only a paradox
like the inner world in which
I had been living

when center of the solar system is full again
closer to the horizon
day will eventually end
and I will have stepped out
and into my new star

glowing forth another phase
weightless eclipse has lifted
I am feeling well
I can sit still


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Mediterranean eyes
Kissed by the sea
Light skin craves color
Color needs the light
The sun provides
As the moon she rides
Nothing can divide
These 2 share the sky

Standing on separate land
Hand brushes hand
As if we were here
Together near sea
Latin skin soaks
Sun through darker eyes
Moon rides darker skies
These 2 share the light

We will find color again
Before the end
Waits for no one time
Is its own sky
Both sun and moon ours
Hours may light our way
These 2 share the ride

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