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I died.
When he took me.
He knew.
And is keeping me at bay.
I know my nature.
I will not let go.
Unless I am forced to.
Though I am open to whatever comes,
I am ultimately in his sway.
That’s a lot of power for someone unexpected.
He, nor I, expected.
Please stay far from me expectation.
For I do not want you in my life.
I’ve opened heart and opened home.
The dance isn’t before me at the moment.
So I wait with anticipation.
And full knowledge of chemistry.
Will he be there
At the end of the line
For me
And do I have the capacity
For full immersion and
Conscious connection
To a growing and learning
Spiritual being?
I am ready.
Never been this ready.
I can hold the world.
Compete with Atlas.
Understand Orian.
And drink of the Milky Way.
I am even open
To the black hole
And the dark matter
That took him away.


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