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Change in Season

And now, something new, something rich and faceless

That intangible thing that happens when you walk out the door

No longer here, but moving into a world of movement

I am left with my right thoughts and driven to snow

The promise of which folds me into pieces

Temperature drops and I dream of you

That slightly disintegrated picture in my mind

Since I stepped out on a  separate path

For the day, for the week, or for a life

One could know but one wants the snow

To fall and take our breath away with the wind

Patch me up again after all my parts have blown away

Here I stay and here I play into heart all the art

I can get my hands on will fill me with color

That exists only on the inside as I peer

Through the looking glass that is the outside

Looking forward to frost and wandering front

As the change in season confronts my own


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