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Dragon Sleep

I have been a dragon

And breathed the dragon fire

But I have not slept the dragon sleep

I have forgotten to sit silently

Without thought of my safety

Remember I am actually being totally taken care of

And I have the capability to take the utmost care of myself and others

It is natural for me to breathe heat and light into the world

To move swiftly and gracefully

Fluidly and intently then gently and slowly as I settle to land

My skin glitters lithe and colors translucent as my body moves

Muscles and limbs dancing

Flying me to the highest sky

And returning to earth


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What Do I Need

What do I need?

I need silence

I need space

I need you here

I need you now

I need you forever

I need you never

What does it matter to you what I need?

When you refuse to be clear?

When you refuse to be open?

When you refuse to see the truth?

When you refuse to look deeper?

When you are afraid to give yourself away?

When you are afraid to take me for who I am, all I am?

When you are afraid to live

an incredible, unconventional

unconditional life?

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Ideal Environment

A unique town or city that has a character of variety possibly housing a college or university or perhaps an artist community. This place is near mountains and perhaps an ocean. There is much beauty in the land within the city limits and without. I live in the artsy section above and below is a cafe and small gallery. I love the seasons~ there is something melancholy, though hopeful, about fall with hint of coming winter, spring renewal and summer fun. It is a time to start dressing in warm yummy clothes and blankets cuddling underneath with my honey…

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Deep Royal Purple

I am deep royal purple, the color of scarves and an exotic lady’s eyes, the midnight sky with a hint of moonlight enhancing the edges of my sheen, the velvet drapes in my bedroom, the robes of a rich and compassionate queen, the grapes before they are taken from the vine long after their days of ripeness, and finally the deepest wine full of chocolate and fruit, silks and satin, amethyst stones.

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Artist’s Prayer

I pray that I will sip of my artist as I sip Sleepy-time Tea, savoring every bit of taste sweet or bitter feeling the warmth heal me on the inside so that I might be pure expression and expansion on the outside.

I pray for the continued strength and clarity in order that my light shine bright as both a candle’s flame and the sun so that I may check in every day at least once to see that I am shining.

I pray that I nurture myself with the coziness of blankets especially when the outside is cold and dark, this way I know I am being held softly and am totally taken care of- that after I have rested I may create again.

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