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the shape of us is round
our seeds are tall
falling across the sky
We made ourselves available
to see what would become us
to know what was undone

Ever essence an old friend that
again tried to be something
that it wasn’t
The only way to know is to try
the only way to know
for sure
is to know

Ah, another possible lover’s name
what is this?
A desire for release on my part
I am living without
as I wish to live
rather than not


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More Available

I like it when I’m getting towards the end because it feels like another beginning. Opportunity to knock down more walls that couldn’t have known were there were it not for the ending. And really there is no ending, and no beginning for that matter~ all one continuously moving moment. What will move me today? For I feel tired. I’m trying not to feel locked in and overrun. I’m trying to keep my options open and my dreams alive. I’m trying to match my inner world to my outer. And I’m trying to feel out the edges of a life worth lived full of these chills space and melody. Open to the wind on my neck, my hair up and I’m in the shade. Slate table and Jazz music. Iced tea with sugar I won’t use. Available to life, I see myself. Becoming more available.

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sights and smells conflicting
in nature sweet pungent
and yet decay lingers
in the backyard under the tree
in the still moist dirt
white on the patio we sit

conversation flows in and out
of ghosts hauntings domestic
and abroad cities underground
and sounds of silence
while natural gas flows
beneath wheatlands

fathers mothers and children
mixed marriages and the
blends we are now
Native blood of many lands
and desires to travel
and come home again
for home can be many places

open and wonder I’m bound
to wander and companion
I will find you to breathe
to come with to stay to play
to common ground of interest
and differ enough to become
interesting explorers of the
world within and without

knowing lingering and in our
minds fingers touch the
edges of our psyche
can we meet again and see
what combining of the edges

yet continue on

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