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some voices are familiar
I feel their pull
like body to earth
like wheel to turn
like fire to burn
like ashes to urn

from the edge I walk on
I see thin line
like open ground
like wave to sound
like circle round
like then to now

the glass I sip from
carries my wine
like chair to floor
like open door
like the wealthy poor
like knowledge stored

the framework from which
I allow this lull
like a tear to cry
like no reason why
like the lover’s sigh
like my lullaby

surrounding my body
is a state of grace
like I found my place
like the measured pace
like soft hand to face
like flowers to vase
like a basket-case
like the lead in the chase
like keeping of space
like I’m going the right


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Riding through town she’s there by your side
And she wonders what it is she might find
Under your smiling eyes a pang of once regret
Or asunder of some hasn’t happened yet
The soul of why we met
The soul of why we met

As we go deeper into this making memory
She steps lightly away so she can breathe
For all the trying the spin of words high stakes the bet
Couldn’t hold the places of what we might forget
The soul of why we met
The soul of why we met

They say the cells in our body change from day to day
Then why is it there are still things I don’t say
You could see her as she turned and walked away
But you couldn’t hear the words she would not say

The soul of why we met
The soul of why we met

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