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Love freely given is
Love gladly received
Why would I want to love
Where are the feelings
deep below the desire
so basic and pure it is
where all of the water goes
I love the flowing water
and the place where the
waters run deep
I don’t understand
the edges of my true desire
buried deep within me
All I know is I crave
both the fast moving current
as well as
centered stillness
Not one or the other
because one cannot
exist without the other
I am at high tide


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We are always saying
I love you

Because we cannot
hold and keep

Something free and vast
has come over me

And I dare not contain
because there
is no origin

It was something that
was always there
in the darkest
of night
and time

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Today I am feeling dragonfly
the dragon fire
the heat of warmth
attempting to reach the
deep cold in my bones

Cool and anxious it seems
like neverending whirlwind
of life and work and an
inkling of love and thought
the tension now draining

Now I must wait for the arrival
of the next dance
the next phase
while I ask for the honey
no honey for me today

But I will embrace warmth
drink it in plentiful
and be sated and satisfied

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I am free on the highway
west to east
I sing through sunroof
and windows
I know I was right here
underneath highway
and by waterway
river of life in this desert
I rode on horseback
with other gypsies
in the wind
the sun shone my skin
pink and breeze blew
free with creature
and free within myself
loose on the road
and onto the next

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The sun is bright
in my little sidewalk city

All shapes and sizes come
into the light

Inside are not many as the
tree flowers bloom

Spring and its sister Winter
part their ways

Blossoms on the vine and I
am safe to drink their wine

For I not go deeply in except
for that which is me

Outside all find ways to run
through grass and
touch the water of earth

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