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I am well-taken care of
I am not well-to-do
But I certainly have goals
and ways to push through
I try to say what needs to be said
I try to listen true
But this haze it takes me
straight to bed
before I begin to know you
There it is in music
There it is in music
There it is in music
And all the things I must do
I let love fly at times
at times I fly away
I take you to the cornerstone
of keeping me at bay
For I know what I do
my friend
I lost the boundaries
necessary to what’s what
before kneeling on my knees
I ask forgiveness for what I’ve done
I haven’t been that bad
just understand misunderstood
by myself, it was all I had


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I am ready and swaying and all
through my body I will be playing
Read this dress for success and
tonight I will rest comfortably,
knowing I did my best and now it
is up to the universe I relinquish
this verse because I know I can
only do what is in my power to do
and loosen the score so that it
might relax and fill all of our pockets

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An end to a week though I’ll bring
it through again tomorrow
if even just for show
We have made it thus far
not without pain
But a renewed sense of passion
and vision
The wherewithal to get it done
and more

All things fall together in time
All this striving, not for me
Yet I push
Then I am forced to be still
And wait

Letting allowing facilitating
Without underlying ulterior
open honest in integrity
Yet inspiring evolution
of sorts
a putting together of
puzzling pieces

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As I return from my journey
I come over the rise
of the city
lit with diamonds
the only city with its jewels
so perfectly set
between the diamond light
and far off diamonds in the night
both I can see clearly
reflecting off one another
as if desert and sky
were body of water and I

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Red as Blood

Red as Blood
as it appears on the outside
after breaking the skin
Therefore I bleed everyday
Imagine all the ways
In which we break the skin
Expanding outwards
Leaving a bit of ourselves
Behind as we go
Bright red when it is
new and fresh on the surface
Light allowing the brightness
Deeper going in or after
the depth of drying
A much darker red
Stains my bed and my clothes
But it is all natural And it is fine in my body
Thought every once in a while without
I only hold my blood
Through one breath

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In a mountain town or hills of some sort, a college or downtown small area, I wonder off by myself and end up climbing a ladder to a big, colorful, light, beautiful room full of people dressed in flowing gypsy-like clothing, scarves… some young people some ageless some little older than me. People are touching me softly and lovingly, a man holds me in his arms. I don’t get a great look at him as I start to pull away, but I realize there is nothing sexual about the way I am being held. Instead, it is comforting, even healing. Other people, women and men, take my hands, play with my hair and scarves. I don’t know how long I am there, it seems all night. I don’t think we’re doing anything in particular or watching anything, though our focus is just ahead and all around. Without warning, I know it is time to go, and I spring back down the ladder totally alive and refreshed. Finding my way home.

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But the tension still exists
On the edge of always changing

Heart lies open bruised and bleeding
Moments with you never fleeting
Heart lies open fused and beating
Moments with you always fleeting
These fleeting and forever moments
have changed me profoundly
for “you” exist forever within me
The Other in I
I in the Other
I alone hold the Other
The Other cannot exist alone
Without the I alone
To recognize the Other
I alone exists
But then I am not alone
Because I separate I from the Other
Therefore I am

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